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More photos for background: St Kilda, Brooklyn, Princess Pier, Balaclava & Sunshine


Recommended inspiration

the beforeigners

beate guetschow

jan kempenaers spomenik

Mayumi Suzuki – The Restoration Will

nico krebs Taiyo Onorato

Rosemary laing
Pat Brassington
Jess Johnson and Simon ward
Simryn Gill fruit
Julie Mehretu

Photo 2020 watch videos

laura pannack

Kenji China – Suicide Boom

edgar martins

american suburb x


We are the ones turning

lisa barnard

From David Rosetzky 22nd May

class 29th may

Danila Tkachenko —YASSSSSS

Awoiska van der Molen

Gerry Johansson

Myoung Ho Lee

Jo Scicluna
Might be good for all of the gang to save a mentor meeting for after the folio submission

Sarker Protick

Hiroshi Takizawa MASS


Matthew Barney Cremaster Cycle – crazy video guy


Danila Tkachenko

beate guetschow


richard misrach

michel le belhomme

Thomas Jackson – floating cups

Ji Zhou

Sarah Pickering – explosions

Anna Beeke


Richard Misrach –
He was an inspiration for one of the tier 9 in MA program and the examples I saw to his work were great, big wide open plains …. found them really intriguing and found them to be inspiring


^ this image he took from burning man resonates with me. Random obscure sculpture in the middle of nowhere… really cool… almost post apocalyptic


Stephen Shore

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, July 1972 1972, printed 2014 Stephen Shore born 1947 Purchased with funds provided by Tate Americas Foundation 2015
Link to more photographers for future references

Alice Weilinga

1st person perspective exploring senses and anxiety

Story board of images which show some of the symptoms and experiences which are caused by anxiety.

Taste: metallic taste in mouth – strawberry in hand is now made in steel after first bite

Balance: the feeling of vertigo and disorientation, tight rope walking over warping scene/building scape

Feel and touch: the numbness of pins and needles

Vision: Tunnel vision

… this look of the feet actually looks relaxing….

This one has the tunnel vision with being high up showing anxiety with fear of falling/from heights

Sound: Trying to show 1st person experience of a ‘phantom sound’ where you ‘hear things’ out of paranoia… hearing themes were hard to try to communicate so I tried to show it in the fear of not being heard or not being able to hear in a scary strange place using broken head phones and disconnected phone.

washing hands, building jenga tower, popping baloon, holding engery ball, sundae ice cream exploding, cutting hair, bike riding, nails done, reading paper, using phone, driving car, knitting, sky diving, para gliding, fishing, juggling knives, milking cow, cashier robbery, smoking, gardening

Trialing ‘people’ and narratives

^ tried including hands on the bottom left and right to try to get the feeling of shock and disorientation with character scenario and show the experience to feel like it is from a 1st hand experience. I think the digital low look brings the quality down, but does illustrate a narrative.

^ I isolated one of the people clearer by taking away the colour and having him more submerged by his surrounding