Daily Archives: May 4, 2020

1st person perspective exploring senses and anxiety

Story board of images which show some of the symptoms and experiences which are caused by anxiety.

Taste: metallic taste in mouth – strawberry in hand is now made in steel after first bite

Balance: the feeling of vertigo and disorientation, tight rope walking over warping scene/building scape

Feel and touch: the numbness of pins and needles

Vision: Tunnel vision

… this look of the feet actually looks relaxing….

This one has the tunnel vision with being high up showing anxiety with fear of falling/from heights

Sound: Trying to show 1st person experience of a ‘phantom sound’ where you ‘hear things’ out of paranoia… hearing themes were hard to try to communicate so I tried to show it in the fear of not being heard or not being able to hear in a scary strange place using broken head phones and disconnected phone.

washing hands, building jenga tower, popping baloon, holding engery ball, sundae ice cream exploding, cutting hair, bike riding, nails done, reading paper, using phone, driving car, knitting, sky diving, para gliding, fishing, juggling knives, milking cow, cashier robbery, smoking, gardening