Recommended inspiration

the beforeigners

beate guetschow

jan kempenaers spomenik

Mayumi Suzuki – The Restoration Will

nico krebs Taiyo Onorato

Rosemary laing
Pat Brassington
Jess Johnson and Simon ward
Simryn Gill fruit
Julie Mehretu

Photo 2020 watch videos

laura pannack

Kenji China – Suicide Boom

edgar martins

american suburb x


We are the ones turning

lisa barnard

From David Rosetzky 22nd May

class 29th may

Danila Tkachenko —YASSSSSS

Awoiska van der Molen

Gerry Johansson

Myoung Ho Lee

Jo Scicluna
Might be good for all of the gang to save a mentor meeting for after the folio submission

Sarker Protick

Hiroshi Takizawa MASS


Matthew Barney Cremaster Cycle – crazy video guy


Danila Tkachenko

beate guetschow


richard misrach

michel le belhomme

Thomas Jackson – floating cups

Ji Zhou

Sarah Pickering – explosions

Anna Beeke

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